Hi! My name is Chana Cohen.

Side note: How to pronounce my name (KHAH-nuh) The “ch” is not pronounced in the common manner (“such” as “chapter”), nor is it pronounced as the French “sh” (“chef,” “brochure”), nor the Greek “k” (“archive,” “charismatic”). Rather it is a Hebraic gutteral sound, similar to the Germanic “ch” sound, as can be found in “Bach” (the composer) and “ach!” (the exclamation). Anglos tend to write this sound as “kh,” but will be unable to pronounce gutteral sounds, saying an “h” sound instead, as in “Hannuka” and “Hallah”. If you are having difficulty pronouncing my name with the gutteral “ch,” you may call me by my given English name, “Anna”.


I was born in the good ol’ US of A, and moved to Jerusalem, Israel after high school. I studied at Emunah College for Arts and Technology, where I graduated with honors from the graphic design department, specializing in multimedia, and received a retroactive scholarship from the Emunah Board in recognition of my great work and professional manner. After college I worked for some time in a local printing house, and after that in an animation studio. I decided to start my own business, offering my freelancing skills to the world, in an attempt to make the world just a little more beautiful. I presently live in Rehovot, with my husband and my two daughters. I love reading fantasy novels, watching action/adventure films, cooking good food and eating it, traveling to fun places, hiking in Israel, photographing the world around me, breathing in nature, solving complex visual puzzles, blogging, playing with puppies and, of course, photo manipulations.


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